Nutrient Solution

The Nutrient Solution we provide for the plants of our crops is essential to their development. It is only composed of water to which we add nutrients in the form of liquid or solid mineral salts (Hydroponics) or promote the dissolution by incorporating biofilters (Bioponics and Aquaponics) in our system.
Besides bearing in mind the quality of the nutrients used, the own properties of the water will also influence the nutrient solution to be used.

By and large, the management of nutrient solution must be adapted according to the type of results we want to get from our crops, thus adapting the measurement and control of the following solution features:

  • pH - a measure of the acidity/alkalinity of the solution;
  • EC - Electroconductivity of the solution which reflects the amount of nutrients;
  • Dissolved Oxygen – a measure of the amount of oxygen dissolved in the solution;
  • Solution temperature;
  • Hardness – a measure of the amount of salts, such as calcium and magnesium dissolved in the solution;
  • • Buffer Effect or Buffer Capacity – capacity of the solution in maintaining its pH level.