Community Cultivation System in Lisbon – Installation

We have installed a community Ebb & Flood system on a shared terrace in downtown Lisbon at the end of September.

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Management of nutrient solution

A proper management of the nutrient solution saves water, nutrients and keep plants happy at the same time. The most important factors are temperature, pH and Electroconductivity (EC).

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Aero-Hydroponics (Airlift)

Aero-hydroponics (not to be confused with Aeroponics) is an innovative method that consists in combining air and water at a “Y” or “T” junction and transport them to the plants through a pipe, and the result is a highly efficient and sustainable drop-by-drop system (Figure 1). It is often referred to as Airlift.

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The 12h/12h method – How to do it?

This is a method developed mainly in Holland and reaches impressive result in hydroponics, but also works in soil cultivation.

In indoor cultivation, the normal is to follow an 18h-cycle of sunlight so plants can reach a satisfactory growth before being switched to a 12h-cycle of sunlight, which comprises the flowering cycle. Are these light cycles the most suitable ones?

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The importance of biodiversity in hydroponics

It is common to hear that closed hydroponic systems are more susceptible to diseases than open systems, but the truth is that most pests and diseases are airborne or transmitted by insects, which means that there are no major differences in terms of contamination, i.e., a plant may be infected without being exactly in the same system. Quite often, major problems arise when we insist on monocultures.

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Solar-Powered Hydroponic Systems – The future?

These are our first solar-powered systems: an NFT and a Top feed.

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